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Print on plexiglass

Your print on plexiglass
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Ready for dispatch: Monday, 6 Dec 2021

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Your individual Perspex Print

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perspex print plexiglass 8mm
Perspex Print 8 mm

Diamond-polished edges

A Photo on Plexiglass is mind-blowing: Get the feeling of looking into the picture.

Ready to ship: Monday, 6 Dec 2021

Two elegant versions

Choose between 3 or 8 mm thick plexiglass. The 8 mm Premium version comes with diamond-polished edges. Thus, a stunning three-dimensional effect will be created.

  • Standard
    3 mm
  • Premium
    8 mm

perspex print plexiglass 3mm
Perspex Print 3 mm
perspex print plexiglass 8mm
Perspex Print 8 mm

Fantastically stable & unbelievably colour-intense

Your photo as a perspex print

Perspex?! You might only associate it with your local DIY store. As a sturdy, modern and relatively lightweight material, perspex has long been popular among crafters and DIY fans all over the world. It’s so weather-resistant and stable that it has even been used in aerospace technology. In everyday life, you’ll probably come across perspex most often as a printing medium for signs, trade show stands or backlit advertisements.

So, the step to having your own photo as a print on perspex actually isn’t such a leap. But it has only become possible in the last few years to print directly onto perspex. And you can benefit from this in several aspects: Perspex prints these days are brilliantly sharp with extraordinarily brilliant colours and are also very versatile.

Perspex photo prints: glossy and colour-rich

A perspex print impresses particularly with its intensive colour reproduction for incomparable, beautiful effects. Expressive, vivid images with clear contrasts will make the most of a perspex print in particular. On the other hand, care should be taken with delicate, harmonious and very homogenous colour palettes. Their characteristic lack of depth of contrast can be diluted even further through the transparent surface of the perspex.

This means that your print on perspex will look its best when you can combine strong light-dark contrasts or a lot of bright, prismatic colours. Once you have your eye on these special colour considerations, you’re completely free in your choice of motif. Try a summer meadow full of flowers, an urban big-city scene or a fabulously beautiful moment from your holiday in Morocco.

A print on perspex – many options

Those photo fans with a tendency to be a bit clumsy in particular will celebrate the uncomplicated properties of perspex: much less fragile than other materials, perspex can survive falls as well as direct contact with water and strong light sources. This makes it especially safe and practical for one thing, but also unbelievably versatile for another. This means you can hang your perspex print in the kitchen, in the bathroom and even on outdoor walls.

If you have already experimented with various photo printing methods and media but have until now been shy of going for the larger acrylic formats, perspex is a great material to start.

Why? Because compared to other materials, it’s virtually indestructible. Perspex is a lot of fun simply because it comes as a colour-intensive, all-round, easy-to-manage package. For example, if you want to clean your perspex print, it’s absolutely no problem.

Dust, splatters and even annoying smears can be removed easily and without scrubbing with a conventional microfibre cleaning cloth. It couldn’t be simpler!

Perspex photo prints: what you have to consider

Fundamentally, a print on plexiglass is an easy thing to organise – for you at least. For us as the manufacturer, the process is a technically very complicated one. In the last few years, however, developments in modern direct printing have taken place that allow us to print on perspex more efficiently than ever. Our process means that you don’t simply get a photo poster glued onto a plexiglass sheet but rather we print your photo directly onto the perspex itself.

We use a high-performance professional ink-jet printer to print the image onto the back of the sheet. The advantage over the other production method is clear: Your perspex print is of much higher quality and will also last much longer.

Here’s how to avoid mistakes and delays: Upload your photo file with a minimum resolution of 300 DPI. We’ll be able to produce your perspex photo immediately and can guarantee you the best results. If you have ordered your perspex print on a weekday, you might with a little luck even have your picture delivered to you the very next day!

Tip: A print on plexiglass is waterproof and can also be hung in the bathroom, for example.

Your print on plexiglass in different sizes

  • 40 x 30 cm

  • 60 x 40 cm

  • 80 x 60 cm

  • 120 x 90 cm

  • 160 x 120 cm

Did you know? Plexiglass is shatter-proof and more translucent than mineral glass

A Plexi Print is a modern Eye-Catcher on your walls

print on perspex wall

Customer reviews

Tracy Kirrage

Review in Faversham

Product: Acrylic print Verified purchase

Very disappointed with the end result, wouldn't use this company again.

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Anthony Winfield

Review in Stafford

Product: Acrylic print Verified purchase

Quality print production. Top quality product.

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Peter Furner

Review in West Sussex

Product: Acrylic print Verified purchase

The reproduction of my photo on acrylic glass is stunning. The colours are sharp and the picture quality is fantastic. An excellent product and good value for money. It arrived quickly from Germany and was very well packaged too. A very happy customer!

report abuse
Bryan Tunstall

Review in COLWYN BAY

Product: Acrylic print Verified purchase

I had a few issues with items damaged in transit and customer service was excellent! Great product and happy customer!

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Further information

Video: Photo on plexiglass 45 x 30 cm on 8 mm

Perspex print informations

  • High gloss plexiglass
  • Océ – Canon™ print technology
  • Up to 200 years' light resistance
  • Glass thickness: 3 or 8 mm
  • 8 mm with diamond-cut edges

living room venice acrylic

Image: photo on perspex

Detailed information

  • High gloss perspex available in two choices of glass thickness 3 or 8 mm
  • Premium (8 mm) + diamond cut edges
  • Choice of 3 mounting systems – also “floating” hanging form
  • Printed directly on acrylic glass with Océ – Canon™ print technology including white print
  • Many plexiglass print sizes also available with Next Day delivery
  • Glass printing also available in XXL sizes up to 2 metres

Your perspex photo print is available in the following thickness: 3 mm / 8 mm

SizeRRPPriceChoose size
XS20 x 20 cm£45.00£19.00 £49.00select
XS30 x 20 cm£20.00 £60.00select
XS40 x 30 cm£65.00£30.00 £70.00select
XS40 x 40 cm£35.00 £95.00select
XS45 x 30 cm£75.00£35.00 £95.00select
S60 x 40 cm£45.00 £115.00select
S60 x 45 cm£50.00 £120.00select
S60 x 60 cm£105.00£60.00 £140.00select
M80 x 60 cm£115.00£65.00 £165.00select
M80 x 80 cm£80.00 £170.00select
M90 x 60 cm£125.00£70.00 £170.00select
L100 x 100 cm£100.00 £250.00select
L120 x 80 cm£175.00£95.00 £245.00select
L120 x 90 cm£175.00£100.00 £250.00select

Delivery discount available on multiple purchases (same size).
All sizes and prices
Prices incl. VAT.

When will your perspex be delivered?

Choose a size
Next Day*

Order weekdays until 11 a.m.:
* Guaranteed delivery next working day
** Prioritised production and standard delivery

Our delivery companies: Our delivery partners


SizeNext Day EXPRESS UpgradePRIO UpgradeDelivery
XS30 x 20 cm£69.95£5.95£22.95
XS40 x 30 cm£69.95£5.95£22.95
XS45 x 30 cm£69.95£5.95£22.95
S60 x 40 cm£74.95£7.95£15.95
S60 x 45 cm£74.95£7.95£15.95
S75 x 50 cm£74.95£7.95£15.95
M80 x 60 cm£74.95£7.95£15.95
M90 x 60 cm£79.95£9.95£19.95
M100 x 75 cm£79.95£9.95£19.95
M105 x 70 cm£95.95£12.95£19.95
L120 x 80 cm£95.95£12.95£19.95
L120 x 90 cm£95.95£12.95£19.95

Prices incl. VAT.
Delivery discount available on multiple purchases (same size).
All prices and delivery times

CoupleHarrySteel 20
Imageproduct mounting couple smallproduct mounting harry smallproduct mounting steel small
Components4-part set comprising
2 mounts & 2 spacers
4-part set incl. screws
15 mm diameter
4-part set incl. screws
20 mm diameter
Weight capacityHolds up to 6 kg
approx. 120 x 90 cm
Suitable for all photo sizesSuitable for all photo sizes
Impression“Floating” effectHigh-quality stainless steelHigh-quality stainless steel fixture
Suitable for
OtherAssembly instructions incl.Assembly instructions incl.Drilling & assembly instructions excl.

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