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Hanging kits

With these mountings, you can easily hang your Acrylic and Metal Prints to the wall.

hanging couple image 1
  • hanging couple image 1
  • product hanging couple small
  • couple 360 preview

Couple (Our tip)

Bring your photos into the limelight with this mounting system. The fixture “Couple” is simply stuck onto the back of the photo and creates a “floating” effect.

Attention: With brighter images the fixings may shine through. Alternative mountings: “Steel 20” with drill holes.

  • 4-part set incl. 2 mounts & 2 spacers
  • Holds up to 6 kg (approx. 120 x 90 cm on 3 mm)
  • “Floating” effect
  • Distance from wall: 10 mm


hanging ghost overview
  • hanging ghost overview
  • product mounting ghost small
  • ghost 360 preview


This mounting system is a fixture for smaller photo sizes. Fitted to the back of the images, the “ghost” gives the impression of “floating”.

  • 4-part set incl. Screws
  • Holds up to 0.6 kg (approx. 60 x 40 cm)
  • Distance from wall: 20 mm
  • “Floating” effect


hanging steel image
  • hanging steel image
  • product mounting steel small
  • steel 360 preview

Steel 20

The high-quality stainless steel mount is elegant and modern at the same time. The fixture is secured with drill holes in the picture and is therefore a stable and safe alternative for heavier photo products.

  • 4-part set incl. screws
  • Suitable for all sizes
  • High-quality stainless steel fixing
  • Diameter & distance from wall: 20 mm


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Hanging acrylic glass - 5 easy steps

hang acrylic metal tools

What you need

For hanging an acrylic print you need: mountings, drilling machine (or hammer), spirit level and a pencil.

hang acrylic metal fixings

1. Attach mountings

The mountings have to be glued or screwed on the photo. (Check the attached manual!)

hang acrylic metal pencil

2. Mark drilling holes

Mark the drilling holes and use a spirit level.

hang acrylic metal drilling holes

3. Drill holes

Drill the holes at the marked spots on the wall and attach the mountings.

hang acrylic metal icon

4. Hang print

Now just hang the print on the fixings in the wall.

hang acrylic metal icon done

5. Hooray!

Congratulations: If you still got all you fingers you can give yourself a well deserved High Five.

TIP: For an Acrylic Print with 3 mm thick glass and sizes up to 80 x 60 cm, you don't have to drill holes. You just need 2 nails and our COUPLE hanging kit - and maybe a hammer.

Quick Guide for hanging Acrylic Photo Prints

Hanging an acrylic photo print is no problem with the right wall mount. We offer various acrylic mountings for attaching your acrylic prints easily to the wall.

  • The "Steel 20" hanging system is particularly suitable for large formats.
  • The "Couple" is ideal for mounting your acrylic print without the hangers being visible on the front.
  • The "Ghost" is the perfect acrylic wall mount for smaller formats.
  • For 8 mm thick glass prints we always recommend the "Steel20" mounting for lengths of more than 1 metre.

How to easily hang metal prints

Hanging metal prints on a wall is considerably less complicated than mounting acrylic photos since aluminium is significantly lighter that heavy acrylic glass. This means that the "Couple" hanging system can be generally used as a metal print hanging kit for practically any format of Alu-Dibond. The high-quality stainless steel "Steel 20" hanging system is suitable for hanging metal prints even when high standards of design have to be met. The "Ghost" metal photo hanging kit is most suitable as a metal print hanging kit for smaller Alu-Dibond formats.

  1. Choose your favourite spot for hanging your metal print.
  2. Glue or screw the fixings on the back of the aluminium photo.
  3. Tranfer the space between the hangings on the back of your print to the wall.
  4. Fix the screws or nails with the measured space in the wall.
  5. Connect the hangings on the print with the fixings in the wall. Done!
hang acrylic metal animation

Things to keep in mind when hanging Acrylic and Metal Prints

hang acrylic metal icon height

Eye level Metal and acrylic prints are presented best at eye level.

acrylic metal avoid direct sunlight

Avoid direct sunlight – The sun may cause color fading in the long run.

graphic gloves while cleaning

Use gloves – Avoid nasty finger prints while hanging your print.

acrylic glass outdoors

Suitable for outdoors – Metal and acrylic prints can be hung outside but avoid direct "weather hits".

Any questions?

Get in touch with us: We love to help!

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