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  1. Acrylic print production
  2. File requirements
  3. Order process
  4. Delivery
  5. Mounting and cleaning
  6. Other
  7. Payment

1. Acrylic print production

What materials are used to make an acrylic glass photo?

Acrylic glass is a plastic with the properties of glass, but without its fragility and weight. So it is the perfect material for your photos, providing a high-gloss surface that offers excellent protection.

How is the acrylic glass printed?

Unlike other manufacturers, we actually print directly onto the glass. We do not glue onto photo paper, which over time will inevitably begin to peel off. With this new printing technology, you get an excellent colour rendering that, unlike glued photo paper, does not fade and cannot peel off.

How strong or thick is the acrylic glass panel?

As standard, we offer acrylic glass in both 3 mm and 8 mm thicknesses. However, in principle we can offer almost any thickness as a special format. If you need a particular material thickness, ask us about it and we will gladly make you an attractive offer.

Is the acrylic glass photo translucent?

A direct printing process delivers two layers of colour to the acrylic glass plate. The glass plate retains its translucency and may be backlit giving an impressive effect. More information under illuminated acrylic prints.

Do you also produce custom sizes?

On request we can produce any special formats you require for an additional charge. For logistical reasons, however, the size of the acrylic glass photo may not exceed 125 x 250 cm. For special formats, just contact us via email or phone. Our special formats are cheaper than you think. Please note that the delivery of special formats can take up to 10 days.

2. File requirements

Which file formats can I upload?

Our system accepts JPG, JPEG and PNG files. Please check before uploading that your file is in one of these formats. Should your selected image be in a different file format and you are not able to convert it, you can send it to us here: Contact. We will convert your file into a suitable format free of charge so you can order your favourite photo.

After uploading my photos I get the message "Invalid file format". What am I doing wrong?

The file you uploaded is not of the type "JPG", "JPEG" or "PNG". If necessary, please convert the image file to the correct file format using an image-editing program.

Will the resolution of my images be adequate?

With four megapixel resolution, you can have acrylic glass photos made in the sizes 80 x 60 cm and 100 x 75 cm in very good quality. With the help of our calculator you can find the ideal photo resolution required for your desired print size. Or use the size calculator and with the pixel count, find the right size. This calculator is particularly useful if you want to print photos from your phone onto acrylic glass.

Why does "40 x 30 cm" appear as the only available format for my photo?

Our system checks which product is suitable for your file. For this purpose, pixel count and aspect ratio of your photo are crucial. Based on this data our system suggests the aspect ratio and the maximum size of the product. This check ensures that you will receive a high-quality product from us. To be able to print larger formats, you must upload a file with a larger resolution. Alternatively you can also cut the size of your photo during the format selection.

What is the maximum size in megabytes (MB) allowed for my photo file?

When uploading your photos, the maximum file size must not exceed 50 MB. For transferring large amounts of data we can provide you with a protected FTP access on request. Of course you can also send files on disk. Please note: we are not able to return CDs or DVDs. These will be destroyed after we have transferred your data.

Do I need a specific colour profile?

In principle, no special colour profile is needed. However, we are able to process files with the file formats Adobe RGB or sRGB yielding very high colour fidelity.

3. Order process

How do I upload my photo?

Uploading a photo is easy. Just click on on the "Order now " button on our home page. You will then get detailed instructions on how to transfer your favourite photo and to order it as an acrylic glass photo.

Can I send my picture on CD / DVD?

Of course, you can also send us your pictures on a CD or DVD. Please do not forget to include your shipping and billing address. For our laboratory address, please visit our Contact page. Please note: we are not able to return CDs or DVDs These will be destroyed after we have transferred your data.

Can I make an acrylic glass photo from an ordinary photo print?

Of course. If you do not have your favourite photo in digital form, you can always send us a picture by mail. We will scan your photo free of charge and then return the original.

Can I get multiple products made from a single photo?

Your acrylic glass photo can be made in various sizes as often as you wish. After uploading your photos you can select the desired size and quantity of acrylic glass photos. If you intend to order than 10 items from one image file, please contact us for an individual quotation.

Is it possible to print photo mosaic on acrylic glass?

On our partner site Photo-collage.net you can create your own personal mosaic. Simply upload a main image and 30 more photos and we will send you two free mosaic previews to choose from. More information on Mosaic.

Can photo collages be printed on acrylic glass?

Of course we can also print photo collages on acrylic glass. You can order your completed collage in the normal way using the ordering process. On our partner website Photo-collage.net you can easily create your own collage. If you would like to order a collage you will be given the option during the ordering process.

Can I make a gift of an acrylic glass photo?

Naturally. This makes a great gift! You may specify a different delivery address during the ordering process. Alternatively you can also give the gift of a voucher to be used for our many photo products.

How do I buy a gift voucher?

You can also buy gift vouchers on our gift vouchers page. You simply decide the value of the voucher yourself. The recipient of your gift can then use the voucher for their own photo product.

4. Delivery

Can I save shipping costs if I order several acrylic glass pictures?

To ensure that get your order as quickly as possible, we ship each product as a separate package by courier. Since transport rates are calculated by weight, there is no cost reduction for multiple orders. Should you be planning an order with a quantity of 50 items and more, please contact us. For large orders we are able to offer shipping on Europallets.

What is your delivery time?

On working days, your acrylic glass photos are produced within 24 hours after the receipt of your order. The shipping time depends on where you live and which service & upgrades you select: 24h Next Day, PRIO production or Standard delivery. During the order process you will be informed of how long the delivery will take.

How long does delivery take?

For Western European countries, we ship with a standard delivery time of less than 3 days. Find out about our standard delivery times in the respective countries. Same day dispatch page.

Which carrier will deliver my order?

All products under 1 x 1 meters will be delivered by our logistics partner UPS. Once your acrylic glass photo has left our production, you will receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking number. On our contact page you can then check the status of your delivery at any time.

Is my order insured during transport?

Every product that leaves our house is insured in transit. Each packaged unit is insured for up to €500. Any products damaged in transit will be replaced by us without any ifs and buts.

In the case of transport damage, what should I do?

Should your acrylic glass photo be damaged in transport, you must first show the damage to the delivery courier. Then document the damage with a digital camera and contact us. Every shipment is insured and of course we will replace the damaged item and send you a new acrylic glass photo.

5. Mounting and cleaning

How do I mount my acrylic print on the wall?

We offer three mounting systems for securing your acrylic print on the wall. More information can be found on mounting systems.

Are the acrylic glass prints waterproof?

Our printing method prints directly onto the glass. Since there is no lamination of photo paper onto glass, our prints are more durable and waterproof.

Can the acrylic glass photo be mounted outdoors?

Both the glass and the inks are waterproof and can be used outdoors.

6. Other

How do I contact customer service?

You can find our contact details and business hours on Contact.

Will my data be stored?

We only store your address in order to process your order and we do not pass it on to third parties. We retain your image files in an internal archive to facilitate reorders. This archive is not accessible to third parties and is protected against outside access. After two years, we will delete your files permanently from our systems.

7. Payment

How can I pay?

You can choose between different payment methods: invoice, credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

What bank account should I transfer the invoiced amount to?

You have bought an acrylic glass photo on account and would like to transfer the invoiced amount? Please transfer your payment to the following account:

Deutsche Bank
Konto: 149281801
Bankleitzahl: 10070024
IBAN DE90100700240149281801

How do I receive the invoice for my order?

Your invoice will be sent automatically as a PDF file. This is will be sent together with the shipping confirmation for your pictures. You will also receive a copy of your invoice by post approximately three days after your photos have been dispatched.

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