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Most frequent questions

  • What resolution should my photo have?

    With a full resolution original photo from a current smartphone, any print size is possible. Please note: Sending photos via WhatsApp reduces the image resolution, so it is important to become the original photo.

    The maximum file size for data transfer is 50 MB. Larger files can be transferred via WeTransfer or Dropbox by contacting our customer service.

  • Can I still make changes after my order?

    In the interest of our customers, we strive to keep production and delivery times as short as possible.

    That's why, as soon as your order details arrive on our server, they are transferred to an extensive, fully automated manufacturing process and we begin production immediately. Please understand that we cannot change or cancel your order at a later date. Please feel free to contact our Customer Service.

  • Will my photo be checked before printing?

    Your photo will be automatically checked when it is transferred, and you will then only be shown sizes that we can print from your photo.

    More on file and image resolution

  • How big can my photo be printed?

    This depends on the resolution of your image file. You can use our size calculator to quickly and easily find out how large we can print your image.

  • Where is my order?

    Use the order status to check the current status of your order

  • How long does it take for my order to reach me?

    The delivery time is usually 6-7 working days (Mon-Fri).

  • How can I speed up the delivery?

    For particularly urgent orders, we offer 24-hour express delivery: orders received by 12:00 noon on weekdays (Mon-Fri) are guaranteed to be delivered on the next working day.

    You can select the 24-hour express option in the shopping cart.

  • Help, my payment failed, what can I do?

    This is annoying, but it's easy to change: just go to your order status and try to pay again. You can also change your payment method here.

    Once we have received your payment, you will receive a confirmation email from us.

  • Can the acrylic glass be backlit?

    Printing on acrylic glass is ideal for backlighting. By printing directly onto the glass, the images have a translucency that allows them to be made to glow with LEDs, simply by attaching the LEDs to the back.

    More info on Lighting acrylic glass

  • How do I hang the acrylic glass?

    It's easy. Our guide shows you how.

  • What is Alu-Dibond?

    Alu-Dibond is a popular composite material among photographers and consists of two layers of aluminium around a core of polyethylene. The high-quality surface is ideal for photo printing. The three-layer sandwich construction makes it particularly dimensionally stable, lightweight, weatherproof and can even be used outdoors.

  • What suspensions are available?

    We offer 3 different suspension systems:

    • Adhesive suspension for small and medium sizes with free-floating effect
    • Stainless steel fixings for heavy acrylic sheets without drill holes in the motif
    • Stainless steel fixings for heavy acrylic sheets with drill holes in the motif

    Here you go to our suspensions.

  • What is the maximum size I can print my photo on acrylic glass?

    We print acrylic glass photos in standard up to a maximum size of 160x120 cm. We produce individual sizes up to 240 cm on request.

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Questions about our products

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  • Suspensions

See our canvas tips

See our acrylic & alu-dibond tips

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