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Perspex vs Glass

For many people, mineral glass is the real glass in comparison to acrylic glass, (also known as plexiglass or perspex) which is regarded as artifical glass. This lies in the fact that, compared to mineral glass, acrylic glass is seen as being relatively new. Mineral glass has been used for centuries. However when it comes to photo printing, acrylic glass has many advantages.

Why do we print on acrylic glass?

Normal glass Acrylic glass Evaluation
Weight per cm³ Aprox. 2.5 g Aprrox. 1.2 g Acrylic glass is lighter (lighter wall mounting)
Light transparency (refractive index) Approx. 1.5 1.48 Acrylic glass is more translucent
Risk of breakage Very high Quite low Acrylic glass is flexible and is shatter-resistant
Production cost + - Normal glass is somewhat cheaper
Transport Very expensive OK Acrylic glass is cheaper to transport (less risk of damage)

The advantages of plexiglass compared to glass

Acrylic glass as a photo product offers many advantages in comparison to other products, e.g. canvas print. Below you will find the printing qualities of acrylic glass and the advantages that they give it over other products.

The acrylic glass photo is a favourite amongst our customers because of its uncomplicated nature and ease of use. The acrylic photo merely needs to be paired with a suitable mounting system and then once hung, can remain hanging for a long time. If it gets slightly dusty, it's no issue at all as any dust can be easily removed with the use of a normal cloth. This makes the acrylic print so easy to care for and therefore one of the most popular products on the market.

Advantages of acrylic glass photos over print

  1. Fine, high-gloss surface finish
  2. Suitable for colour-intense and high-resolution printing
  3. Lighter than normal glass
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Break and scratch resistant
  6. More light translucency than normal glass
  7. Weather-resistant (suitable for outdoors)
  8. Better suited for transportation

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